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We rotate our products every month to ensure that we are using the freshest, seasonal, highest quality ingredients from our local markets and farmers. 

 With conscious, health inspired choices, you provide your body, mind and soul with more light, more life and abundant streams of energy. The Banana Warrior believes that what you choose to put in your body every day is one of the most pivotal decisions you have the opportunity to make. All of our products are vegan and made with only organic, high quality and ethically sourced ingredients. Each product has been carefully designed with health as the forefront inspiration as well as a strong emphasis on satisfying your tastebuds! My team of bakers and I bake in my home kitchen because we trust in the taste and the satisfaction of home cooking. We value and appreciate the feeling of wellness that comes with loving preparation. The love that we create in our kitchens manifests itself into our hands which infuses into our products and travels to the mouths of our consumers.  

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Your Questions Answered...

When can we meet?

The Banana Warrior partakes and organises events all over Bangkok. Go to our events section to find full details of all our upcoming farmers markets, events and yoga classes! We would love to meet you there.

Where does The Banana Warrior deliver?

We are based in Bangkok and deliver all over the city and now we deliver all over Thailand too! When you make your order choose the area from the delivery list. If your area is not covered there, shoot us a message and we will calculate the time and cost for you. For over seas deliveries, please contact us directly.

How much does delivery cost?

Full details on delivery charges are listed in our checkout section. Every area has a different cost. We use Lalamove, Line Man, Grab and Get as our delivery service. Please contact us directly for overseas deliveries in Thailand. **Free delivery on all orders over 2000 THB

Does The Banana Warrior do same day delivery?

Yes we do! All orders for same day delivery must be made before 11 am.

Dietry requirements

All of our products are completely vegan and organic wherever possible. We use only natural sweeteners to sweeten our products which include bananas, dates and coconut flower nectar. We source all of our ingredients loacally and ensure that they are from sustainable sources. We use no vegetable oils, refined or overly processed ingredients and we are totally plastic free. The Banana Warrior has a love of raw desserts which are highlighted as raw in our products section. Many of our products are also gluten free or can be made gluten free, please note the prices may vary with this option so best to check with us first. We also have a full range of paleo vegan banana bread - We like to call it, our 'Pegan' range.

When are your cooking courses/workshops?

My latest vegan dessert cooking course is now live courtesy of You can purchase my course throught their website where you get a lifetime access to my favorite vegan dessert recipes. You can check also check our events section for any other upcoming cooking courses or workshops.

How do I store The Banana Warrior products and what is the shelf life?

Wrap your products well in cling film or put in a biodegradle plastic lunchbox for maximum freshness. All products are best kept in the fridge. The shelf life of each product is slightly different - Find details on the shelf life in the information section of each product. Please note: In our experience, The Banana Warrior products are usually devoured seriously quickly!


The Banana Warrior is creating a plant based revolution here in Bangkok. Their food is stylish, beautiful and tastes incredible. They make every part of the purchasing process special. I recently met Julia and her team at a Farmer's Market in Bangkok. You could see the light and passion in her eyes when she was describing her products.

Pae Nareeya

Me and my boyfriend had a chance to try The Banana Warrior vegan foods on the Karma Kruise yesterday and not only were her goods healthy and delicious but the detailed, artsy display and her shining personality and cool dress made it an experience not just a transaction.


Shout out to The Banana Warrior for putting together an amazing event. She is the driving force behind the ever growing plant based community here in Bangkok. 


'The pleasure of eating is one of the greatest gifts that life has to offer.

We should allow ourselves to experience that pleasure freely, fully and regularly.'

The Banana Warrior

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