'Let's Get Raw'

Raw Mixed Berry and Chia Seed Jam

This is our raw mixed berry and chia seed jam made with 3 ingredients. The same jam that we have with us in the gallons at Farmer’s Markets that you guys use to spread all over your slices of banana bread. The same jam that we bake into some of our products. The same jam that @wellwithaj and I dollop on top of our almond flour pancakes at the weekends. The same jam that I sometimes eat straight from the jar...

The recipe?

It is so simple!

‘Let’s Get Raw’ (Makes a good batch) 3 cups of mixed berries 3 tablespoons of chia seeds 3 tablespoons of date paste 4 tablespoons hot water Mix it all together and wait for 15 minutes for the chia seeds to soak in and expand. Stir again and spread on everything. .