Um Excuse Me, But What The F!!* Is Guilt Free Food?

Just a little photo of me eating my new dragon fruit and tahini frosting

‘Guilt Free’ has become so socially accepted and so widely used that people are using the term to describe food and brands without question. And I mean reputable, very respectable big brands that claim to promote health. Yes health. As if guilt in any form has anything to do with health.

Honestly with all of the beautiful, delicious products out there and all of the wonderful words available to us to describe them, is, 'Guilt' really the best choice?

Because what does ‘Guilt Free’ mean really? That if you choose different food, it should evoke feelings of guilt right? We should be ladened with the gut renching, anxiety inducing feeling that is guilt? That if someone chooses food that is not ‘Clean’ or ‘Healthy’ or well, made by you

then they are not allowed to enjoy it and should spend a significant amount of time regretting it? 

Who has felt guilty after eating food before? And when does guilt in any form ever make you feel good? When does it make you enjoy your life more? How does it enhance self love and acceptance? 

What happened to the simple science that is - Human beings need to eat? There is no ‘cheating’ when it comes to eating or ‘treating’ or for that matter and don't get me started on, 'Naughty' food. I mean, 'what?!' In branding food in this way, any food, we are, (granted without consciously realising it) promoting negativity around food choices as if we really need more stress in our daily lives.

Maybe if we stopped placing such harsh labels on our food choices and eating habits we could lift some of the obsession that surrounds them and just get on with living a really nice life.

So from now on I shall call myself guilt free. Not food. I will be free from any guilt tripping from anyone, I am freeing myself from the guilt mongering mentality and I will be committed to fully embracing and indulging in the foods that make my body and my soul happy regardless of how others tell me I should feel about that. I call that food freedom.