Every week we are going to post new online recipes - Complete with a recipe card, full instructions and a whopping 15 - 20 minute video of me making the recipe along side you. Perfect for all of you who are going wonderfully wild in your kitchens right now! And especially for those of you who live outside of Thailand and want to access our plant based yumminess!


This is our way of bringing a little of our kitchen to yours! 


Choose your course from our info section and let us know which one you want in the notes at checkout. Once we receive your payment slip, we will pop everything you need into your inbox and you can get creating! 


Don't forget to tag us in your master pieces. We LOVE seeing photos of dessert! 


350 THB per course - Includes full recipe card and video. 

Weekly Dessert Videos

  • The most delicious ice cream that has ever touched our tastebuds and it's vegan and plant based and refined sugar free and gluten free and did we say delicious already?! 

    Simple, quick, versatile and fun.

  • Quite possibly the healthiest truffles you will ever pop in your mouth. Creamy, chocolatey, raw, vegan and decadent. 

    Makes 10 good sized beautiful truffles.