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By some measures, Jokowi has had makanan khas bali a constructive time in office. He pushed through sweeping changes to the nation’s wall of labor protections, giving employers and investors a win they had sought for years. The president has also prioritized an upgrade of the nation’s strained infrastructure and regularly tells executives he’s trying to cut red tape. Jakarta’s subway system, conceived decades ago and dogged by constant delay, finally opened its first line three years ago. Jokowi dismantled limits on the budget deficit in the name of financing the fight against Covid-19. Indonesia also used the central bank to directly finance the budget for three years, an affront to orthodox economics that in normal times would have been a real stretch to pull off without an investor backlash. How many conventions can Jokowi smash? Advocates of constitutional change are unlikely to want to stop at term limits. Why not be rid of the elected presidency? (Indonesians have only voted directly for their leader since 2004.)

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His effort to solve one of the country’s biggest public works challenges is seen as a potential pretext to stay in office. Jakarta is sinking, literally. Seas are rising, and the capital’s plumbing, which dates to the early years of Dutch colonization, is creaking. Relocating key parts of the security, financial and political slotgacor structure had long been discussed. Jokowi settled on the creation of a whole new capital, a long way from Jakarta on the island of Borneo. Steering this mega-project could be used to justify a third term.

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