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This is our raw mixed berry and chia seed jam made with 3 ingredients. The same jam that we have with us in the gallons at Farmer’s Markets that you guys use to spread all over your slices of banana bread. The same jam that we bake into some of our products. The same jam that I dollop on top of our almond flour pancakes at the weekends. The same jam that I sometimes eat straight from the jar...


Best Before: 3-4 days after purchase. Please refrigerate on arrival.

'Let's Get Raw'

  • Mixed berries, dates, chia seeds

  • Keeps for 20 days in the fridge before drying out.

    Your raw spread will be OK to eat up to 20 days after purchase but may be more dry during this time. 

    Please store in an airtight container or wrap in plastic wrap for maximum freshness. 

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