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We have so many plant-based, healthy cookies now that we simply had to put SEVEN of them into one beautiful cookie box! 


Every single one of our cookies is gluten free - (Please note the oats in The Hobnob are not gluten free oats).


Each Box Includes:

X1 'Squeeze My Lemon' Lemon and almond cookie

X1 'The Creamy Lemon' Lemon cookie sandwich filled with a zesty cashew cream 

X1 'The Hobnob' Granola cookie covered with our homemade chocolate sauce'

X1 NEW 'The Big O' Orange and cacao cookie with chocolate chips

X1 NEW 'Let's Meet In Malibu' Pineapple, lime and coconut cookie

X1 'Crazy About Cacao' Cacao and coffee oat cookie

X1 'Island Time All The Time' Coconut cookie 


‘The Cookie Box’

  • Pineapple, coconut, lime, almonds, coconut flour nectar, pink salt and baking soda, oats, cacao, dates, orange, lemon, coconut oil, fair-trade coffee, 90% dark chocolate chips, cashews, 

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